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Our Apps

Third part suppliers of Apple AppStore and Google Store.

We started to professionally develop software that initially we produced for internal use as an additional area of our business.

Nowadays our Apps are in 152 worldwide Stores within thousands of iOS, Mac OS and Android devices.

What a wonderful Story!


Sewer Network Design

iDrawlix® allows you to manage stormwater, combined or separated sewer networks. It's fully supported by a built-in Geographical Information System (GIS) engine. Sanitary and Runoff Pollutants are considered for each RUN. The network is also completely defined throughout the Longitudinal Layout settings. Punctual Inlets, Combined Sewer Overflows and Pumps can be included within the Network Design. I/O in ARC/INFO GRID format, DXF exports enrich native stunning Reports. 

We develop iDrawlix for many Years and our hundreds customers comes mainly from China motherland, USA and Europe.

Aren't You curious to try iDrawlix too?


Maratea in Augmented Reality

MarateApp is our tribute to Maratea, a special place located in southern Italy that everyone should visit and love. Even if tourism is not our engineering branch, our studies on augmented reality could also have interesting implications in the field of sewer network management.

Traveling is knowing. Imagine a new way to keep in contact with local people, to absorb their experiences, their costumes, theirs fav restaurants. Where is a Parking? Which one is the best beach to go? What's cool to do tonight? Well, put on your device'camera, and begin to explore the new word You now are immersed in. Have a lovely journey in Maratea with MarateApp!


Document Flow Management

Chartarium is an App for the Document Flow Management of Your Organisation.

It allows the correct registration of the protocol, assignment, classification, retrieval and storage of IT documents. With Chartarium now You can to stamp and archive your documents in few simple steps.

Chartarium will prompt You to e-mail a receipt to the sender for each incoming operation, as well as the whole document to the recipients of any outcoming operation. Every Organisation can now have access to a robust and cheap Document Flow Management System. This even on the mobile devices of each of its employees.

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