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The ultimate App for the Document Flow Management of Your Organization

Chartarium is an App for the Document Flow Management of Your Organisation. It allows the correct registration of the protocol, assignment, classification, retrieval and storage of IT documents.
With Chartarium now You can to stamp and archive your documents in few simple steps.

Within each incoming or outgoing operation, You can compose the pdf file that Chartarium will merge and attach to the record which will be stored into the register of movements.
The stamp will appear as header on the first page of Your pdf and it will include the registration date, your company name and the record number. When all is done, Chartarium will prompt You to e-mail a receipt to the sender for each incoming operation, as well as the whole document to the recipients of any outcoming operation. The automatic e-mail will content any reference to the operation as the rec. no, date, subject, etc.

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