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Tip💡: load a csv table of contacts


Your contact list is handled by Chartarium as a simple table in the open csv file format.

What is a csv table?

A table in csv file format is a file of text where each row represent a record of the table. Fields are separated by a certain character (generally a comma). For this reason, csv stands for comma separated values.

Which convention for fields?

An "Apple Numbers" standard consist in export and import tables in csv file format with field values separated by a semicolon character, instead of a simple comma. Chartarium adopt this convention.

How it's made my table of contacts?

Your contact list is stored into the public folder of Chartarium App of Your device. If You use, for example, Files (iOS) or Finder (OSX), You will find a file named "contacts.csv" into that folder. "contacts.csv" is a csv table with just a column (field) and a certain number of rows (records) equal to the number of Your contacts. Each row, in other words, contains just a correct e-mail address.
I do have already a table of contacts. How can I import my contact list into Chartarium?

Let's suppose that You already have a table of e-mail addresses of Your customers and suppliers which include also the e-mail addresses of the accounts known to the e-mail client You normally use for send and receive mails. We are talking about a table which contains a single column and many rows of e-mail addresses.

Open such a table with Numbers, for example. Otherwise create a new one which conforms with all we have seen above. Export Your table in csv file format (save as csv), naming it "contacts.csv". Move the newly created file into the public folder of the App Chartarium with File or Finder.

How can I find my root documents folder of Chartarium?

For Mac OS, You may want to find the documents root folder of Chartarium within Finder (⇧⌘ G)  ~/Library/Containers/it.envisys.chartarium/Data/Documents.

For iOS, open the app Files. Select Your device (i.e. iPhone, iPad). Then browse through the folders of Your device until You find the folder of Chartarium.

How to load the newly created table of contacts into Chartarium?

Once You have Your new "contacts.csv" table into the Chartarium root documents folder, now You may want to launch (or re-launch) the App Chartarium. It will load automatically each correct contact of Your newly created table.

How can I move a table of contacts from a device to another?

Locate the table of contacts named "contacts.csv" into the source device as above. Copy that a file. Locate the Chartarium root documents folder of the destination device. Paste the file of contacts here.

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